JT Marketing

S​outh African Digital Marketing ​Service

Get More Customers With Less Effort & Only Pay For Results

Are you losing customers online ever day to ​competitors with effective digital marketing strategies?

W​e ensure you show up everywhere your customers are searching online, including on their mobile device

​This is how we help you grow your business....


Email Marketing

​Existing customers are 50% more likely to ​buy and spend up to 31% more then new customers.

​PPC Advertising

​Over 70% of your entire market ​is either on Google or Facebook. ​And we can reach them all

video marketing

Video Marketing

​Prospects who viewed video were 174% more likely to purchase than viewers who did not

​Landing Pages

​Easily double or triple your online lead or sales conversion rates with high converting pages

content marketing

​Content Marketing

​Build brand awareness with useful content that engages target buyers

marketing funnels

​Marketing Funnels

​Advanced marketing funnels squeeze every last drop or revenue from your digital marketing effort

​Are you are aware you could be generating ​a ton more revenue online, but don't know where to start?

​Build a better mousetrap with our advanced end to end digital marketing funnel design and implementation

digital marketing funnels

​If you're not already making a killing for your business online, your simply doing it wrong.

​But thats good news. With the ease of access to any target market ​online today, there is serious profits to be made, no matter your business type.

​However due to fierce competition ​online today, ​it's simply not possible to take the casual approach to online marketing. You'll will just end up wasting your time and money.

​But why would you want to? The fact is most of your target market can now be found online today, and in only a few places (Google, Youtube, Facebook). You crack those sources of traffic and optimize your marketing funnel and your business will thrive. 

And thats what we specialize in. But...​

While a few tweaks here and there can make a serious different to your current online marketing performance, its the implementation of an advanced and highly efficient end to end digital marketing funnel ​that creates multi-million rand businesses almost overnight.

​You'll see that once all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together, the results can be spectacular.